Elizabeth Houston

Property Manager

About me

My name is Elizabeth Houston and I started working for ACTIVE in January 2018. My background is primary education, however whilst on maternity leave with my first son in Queensland, out of pure personal interest and enjoyment, I completed my Property Management course. At the young age of 19, whilst studying at university, I built my first investment property and would you believe… 9 years later, I still have the same wonderful tenants occupying my investment.

Working at ACTIVE has been an absolute delight, not only was I able to work alongside two of the most committed and positive people I’ve known, but I was able to work and make time for my own family. Right now I am enjoying my maternity leave, spending time with my second son, who was born in January, however after having built wonderful relationships with the people I work with, my owners and my tenants, I do hope to see them all again in no time.