About ACTIVE Property Services

“ACTIVE Property Services was purely derived from an average property investor, who was becoming rapidly dissatisfied, with his various property management teams. As most do, I had expectations of what a property management service should deliver and instead, i was continuously left feeling disappointed.
Too many years of dissatisfaction, lead me to feel there was only one way to resolve the issue. So, with great customer service, honesty and having the landlord’s best interests in mind, I set out to create and provide a service that would stand up to my expectations and that of others.”
- Nathan, Licensee

Providing first class customer service, not only because of the excellent culture that we provide or the positive atmosphere we surround ourselves in but because of our ever-growing desire and hunger to be the best support for you and your investments. This drives us and ensures all our clients receive sufficient time and effortless communication, and we believe this is what determines an average experience from an exceptional one.
We are so confident that you will be more than happy with our service. We provide no lock in management authorities, competitive rates, simple fee structures and best of all you get to decide your level of interaction with us. Not to forget, we are constantly maintaining close to 100% occupancy.

ACTIVE is fully electronic;  Offer and Acceptance forms, selling and management forms to tenant leasing and maintenance work. This means we can offer our clients live access to their account through our online portals or via email with electronic signing.

Our ACTIVE Property Services monthly loyalty bonus draw will provide our clients the chance to win a $50 gift voucher each month. Furthermore, if the prize is not won, it will jackpot to the following month. Tenants are only eligible if they have not been in arrears for 3 months; this provides them an extra incentive. The draw occurs the first Saturday of each month. Check out the home page to see the current values.

Active Property Services exceeding your expectations through our experiences.