Maddison Smith

Office Manager

About me

My name is Maddison Smith and I am a property manager. However, not only do I manage and maintain property, I run the trust account, lease to great tenants, run the day to day operations of the company and can sell for my clients. Oh and sometimes, I’m a free of charge handyman…

Before I was a property manager, I was an owner of an investment property, and before I was a property owner, I was a tenant, I have been renting for the past 10 years in multiple properties across Australia. This gives me a huge advantage, knowing the expectations of both owner and tenant. Which I believe my clients really appreciate.

I am lucky enough to work alongside a licensee that is an investor and determined to build an agency that cares for its owners, tenants and colleagues. Always striving to make every day better for everyone. I have the highest of expectations, giving anything less than 100% effort for me is not good enough. When I entered the property management world, I was confronted and challenged by the need for improvement across the board. Every day I feel I am one step closer to changing the negative opinions of our industry.

I have been fortunate enough to travel the world where I was eating, speaking and dealing with diverse cultures from around the globe. This was by far my greatest adventure, until I had a beautiful baby boy last year and he became my world. I have recently returned to work full time and even though it can be challenging at times, I am lucky that ACTIVE allows me to raise a family while creating a career that I love and am passionate about.

In my spare time, I enjoy catching an outdoor movie, hitting the beach every day in Summer and I am a big foodie, I love trying any new restaurant that comes along.